Corporate Events


With over 20 years’ experience, here at Event Audio Visual, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and the quality and array of our corporate events. We only use the highest quality equipment for your event. We are meticulous about health and safety and give you expert guidance on in-depth training on microphone techniques and any equipment you may be using.

From board meetings to conferences and content creator events, our tailored audio-visual service ensures impeccable clarity, enhancing communication and your event leaves a lasting impression on your audience.



Our audio expertise transforms seminars into impactful experiences. With multiple microphone options such as lavalier (lapel); headset; podium; wireless handheld (roving microphone) paired with NEXO sound, guarantee clear and dynamic communication, enriching presentations, and discussions. Ensures your seminar’s success with our seamless audio solutions.

Hybrid meetings:

Gatherings that involve both in-person and virtual participants. In hybrid meetings, some attendees are physically present at a specific location, while others join remotely through virtual platforms. This approach combines traditional face-to-face interactions with the flexibility of online communication, allowing participants to join from different locations, fostering inclusivity and adaptability in the modern work environment.

We redesign the meeting experience with our innovative audio solutions tailored to hybrid environments. Our adaptive microphones seamlessly integrate with sound, ensuring clear communication between in-person and virtual participants. Our technology bridges the gap between physical and digital interaction, creating a unified and dynamic meeting experience.

Crystal clear views of all on-stie speakers are obtained by using 4K PTZ/Maned cameras with seamless switching across all platform types such as MS Teams, Zoom, Webex and other custom designed platforms.

Panel discussions:

A panel discussion is a structured conversation among a group of experts or
individuals with diverse perspectives on a specific topic. The panel, typically
consisting of three or more participants, shares insights, experiences, and opinions, allowing for a dynamic exchange of ideas. These discussions often occur in public forums, conferences, or events, fostering in-depth exploration and audience engagement.

Our specialised microphones, perfectly tuned to capture diverse voices, combined with NEXO sound systems, ensure clear articulation and impactful dialogue.
Navigate complex topics seamlessly, as our audio technology enhances every
participant’s voice, fostering insightful conversations for a captivated audience.

Team building events:

Team building events are organised activities or programs designed to enhance
collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among team members. These
events aim to strengthen relationships, improve teamwork, and boost morale.
Activities can range from problem-solving exercises and outdoor challenges to
workshops and social events, creating a positive and cooperative work environment.

From motivational speeches to interactive activities, our audio-visual service
transforms team building events into memorable and impactful experiences,
strengthening organisational bonds. Our diverse microphone selection to suit any activity, seamlessly integrated with high-tech sound, ensures every participant is heard clearly, fostering effective communication and engagement.


Have confidence in your presentation. We use the latest technology in event
management audio visual, to ensure that your presentation is seamless and
impressive to your audience.

No need for nerves that there will be problems with your slides. We have a member of our team present to make sure you everything is set up correctly and runs smoothly, so all you need to focus on is your presentation.

The inclusion of a comfort screen will allow a presenter to view their presentation on a screen on the stage thus allowing the speaker to engage with the audience and move around the stage. Presentation clickers allow the speaker to move seamlessly between while moving around the stage/room. This allows for better audience engagement and can also set the speaker at ease.

Product/Event Launch:

Make a real impact with a dynamic & innovative product/event launch. We use the latest technology in events management, audio and visual to bring you something special. We can deliver a wonderful event to give your product/event the promotion it needs. Ensure your message resonates with precision, leaving a lasting impression on your audience during every unveiling.


Illuminate your event with vibrant visuals using our state-of-the-art LED walls. Our LED screen technology ensures stunning displays, enhancing the overall visual experience, and creating an immersive backdrop that captivates your audience.

Deliver crystal-clear audio with our discreet and high-performance lapel microphones. Perfect for presentations and performances, these wireless mics provide flexibility and freedom of movement, ensuring every word is heard with precision. We ensure that you are comfortable and give you some tips on how to wear and be comfortable while wearing your mic.

Cameras can be used in multiple ways at events, from just capturing presenters and projecting on a large screen in the room to using them as part of a livestream/hybrid event so participants off site can see presenters. We offer full 4K PTZ and individually maned camera solutions to enhance your event.

Sometimes all smaller participant/venue may need is a large format TV e.g. from 40” to 120” for your presentations. Alternatively large format TV can be used to enhance the larger screens in the room at larger events or when the room shape dictates a need to cover poor line of sight areas. The TVs are also a valuable option to acknowledge event sponsors, live social media feeds such as X formerly Twitter Wall and allows for branding options throughout the event.

Command the stage with our sleek and functional podiums. Designed for comfort and practicality, our podiums offer a professional platform for speakers, presenters, and panellists, equipped with integrated audio solutions for seamless communication. You can also request digital podiums for a seamless promotion of your brand.

Enhance presenter confidence with our comfort screens. Positioned discreetly on stage, these screens display essential notes or content, ensuring speakers stay focused and connected with the audience while delivering a polished and confident performance.

Keep events on track with our digital timers. Precision timing ensures seamless transitions between sessions, keeping presenters informed and audiences engaged. Our user-friendly timers contribute to the overall efficiency and professionalism of your event.

Empower speakers with our teleprompter solutions. Seamless integration with scripts and adjustable speed settings ensures natural and confident deliveries. Our prompters enhance presenter performance, guaranteeing a smooth and polished presentation.

Extend your event’s reach with our reliable live streaming services. Reach a global audience seamlessly, using our cutting-edge technology to broadcast your event online. Enhance accessibility and engagement, connecting with a broader demographic.

Create a captivating stage with our versatile staging and backdrop solutions. Tailored to your event theme, colours and branding our designs and configurations elevate the visual appeal. Combine aesthetic excellence with practical functionality and safety, ensuring a memorable and visually stunning event.

Transform venues with our elegant draping solutions. From subtle accents to dramatic transformations, our draping adds sophistication and ambiance. Customise colours and styles to match your event theme, creating a visually appealing atmosphere.

From uplighting to moving lights, let us transform your event venue with colour. We can match to your company branding to illuminate your event. Our stage lighting ensures your presenters are lit up beautifully.

Experience flawless events with our comprehensive event management services. From planning to execution. Our 20 years’ experience in events means that we have held events in 100’s of venues around Ireland. We have relationships with staff and management of many venues and are familiar with requirements of different venues.

Each event has a clear plan in place for health and safety, audio, visual, logistics, coordination, and troubleshooting. This plan is communicated clearly to our clients to ensure a seamless and memorable event with our meticulous attention to detail.

Prioritise safety with our thorough risk assessment services. Our experts identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a secure environment for your event. From crowd control to emergency protocols, we implement measures that prioritise the well-being of participants and staff.

Streamline your event’s timeline with our detailed time schedules. Our organised plans ensure smooth transitions between sessions, maximising efficiency and allowing participants to make the most of their event experience.

Empower your team with our backstage advice and training. From technical insights to communication strategies, to positioning on stage, our experts provide guidance that enhances performance and confidence, ensuring a seamless and professional event execution.

Optimise audio quality with our mic training sessions. Our experts guide speakers on proper microphone usage, ensuring clear and effective communication. Equip presenters with the skills to look professional and comfortable while talking with a microphone for a seamless speech or presentation.


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